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Workplan 2017-2018

ASA Goals & Projects

Goals and Projects

Make it easier for faculty to teach in ways that increase student engagement, learning and achievement by:

  • Creating more seamless delivery of support for pedagogy, mentoring, learning technology and classrooms
  • Expanding and maturing the Evidence-based Teaching (EBT) Program to support faculty in improving their teaching and peer mentoring
  • Upgrading and optimizing classroom schedules and spaces
  • Developing learning analytics that help students achieve learning goals and improve persistence, retention, and time to degree
  • Providing guidance on inclusive teaching that supports equity and diversity and civil discourse
  • Creating opportunities for lecturers to show leadership and gain recognition

Find ways to assess the effectiveness of teaching approaches and reward faculty who continuously improve their teaching and learning outcomes by:

  • Collaborating with faculty leaders to improve student evaluation of teaching
  • Supporting efforts to focus more on teaching excellence in existing assessment and reward mechanisms (academic program review, promotion, tenure, merit)
  • Recognizing innovative faculty in provost reports aimed to inspire others

Provide thought leadership to fully realize the UW’s goal of teaching excellence by:

  • Implementing UW’s vision as a global leader in teaching by working with international partners (Waseda, Tsinghua, and APRU)
  • Evaluate and as needed develop guidance and processes to meet European Union General Data Protection Regulation as well as other global privacy expectations
  • Establishing governance and oversight for learning analytic principles, privacy risk management, and data use across the UW

Inspire students to navigate the options of, engage with, and succeed in their own Husky Experience by:

  • Increasing graduation rates for Pell-eligible students by 2% by 2030 through retention efforts (American Talent Initiative goal)
  • Expanding Thrive messages to upperclassmen and transfer students
  • Supporting the ‘by students, for students’ Husky Seed Fund program and projects
  • Supporting efforts to enhance the international student experience and encourage international and domestic student interactions
  • Personalizing MyUW to engage students in our campus and community
  • Sharing stories about students discovering their passions and becoming independent thinkers
  • Establishing a resource for students to be informed and make decisions about the UW’s use of their individually identifiable information.
  • Working with campus partners to consider privacy issues early in their processes and offer guidance for balancing privacy with institutional risk and use of data

Pave the way for talented students to access the Husky Experience by:

  • Improving enrollment systems and processes
  • Aligning enrollment goals with academic area and student support capacities
  • Building on campus-wide efforts to increase access for transfer students

Focus on a coherent, broad, inclusive UW leadership framework that resonates with students, faculty, community partners and donors by:

  • Supporting collaboration to establish a UW leadership framework
  • Supporting UAA, COE, UWB and others to develop a curricular/co-curricular pathway for leadership education, with Husky Experience Faculty Advisory Council input

Scaling existing efforts to support students’ transition from college to careers by:

  • Adapting partner-led college to career programming for ASA student-workers
  • Encouraging students’ understanding about transferable skills learned in and out of class, to better articulate them as they prepare for life after graduation

  • Increasing resources to support access to the Intellectual House and the Instructional Center
  • Increasing funds to support student success through Parent & Family Programs
  • Increasing diversity in STEM and URM graduation rates
  • Increasing scholarship support for undergraduate students
  • Increasing support for fellowships through Top Scholar & Diversity Top Off
  • Supporting collaboration to establish a UW leadership framework
  • Creating a catalyst fund for leadership projects from faculty and staff
  • Developing a business plan for Leadership@UW to share with high-value donors
  • Better understanding employer needs and interests to inform efforts around alternative credentialing, internships, and needed skills